FROM: Fiona CalderPOSTED ON: 26/04/2013

What wonderful photos in the gallery! It has been a while since I was last in Sleat but your pictures fill me with a longing to return. It is SUCH a beautiful part of the world.

FROM: Glenn ShawPOSTED ON: 12/08/2012

Thanks Rob for the great advice and the easy to use and attractive looking website. We can only stay 2 nights / 3 days in Sleat in December, but already looking forward to bringing in the new year in such an inspiring location.

FROM: Deborah TokarzPOSTED ON: 01/02/2012

Every bride dreams of the "dream wedding". As a wedding producer, never have my services been requested out out of the USA. My good friends are renewing their vows on their 20 anniversary in September. Everyone I've contacted thus far have been wonderful and very warm. This is an exciting time for my friends. They're traveling far to visit a homeland they've never experienced. Thank you to everyone thus far who have help make the beginning of their journey one to remember.

FROM: John WickendenPOSTED ON: 25/01/2012

Thank you for your well designed and informative website. Also for your excellent response to my email. Your site certainly encourages us to linger awhile in Sleat.

FROM: ary verhoeffPOSTED ON: 13/09/2011

see also sleat / sloten in the north of the's also beautifull also lot of water but also culture etc. hope to meet u someday

FROM: Eric and Kath KearyPOSTED ON: 28/07/2011

Just wanted to say thanks so much for a great website. We really had a holiday in Sleat and have enjoyed seeing places on the photo gallery that we had been to that week. The website is packed full of information and ideas, in fact as we say in Yorkshire 'First-class! Many thanks and keep up the good work. Eric and Kath

FROM: Chris and Dennis CrowleyPOSTED ON: 06/06/2011

Fantastic. Just wanted to say a huge thanks for a great evening last night in Sleat, at the James Hickman/Dan Cassidy roots and folk concert at The Stables. We are here on holiday and looked at your 'What's On' page and saw this show at Clan Donald. The band were terrific and it was great to see so many there enjoying it. Well done, it was super way of knowing what's going on. Many thanks Chris and Dennis

FROM: Janice CrombiePOSTED ON: 05/05/2011

Hello, We are now enjoying our 5th visit to Sleat in three years and just wanted to say how welcome we have been made across the peninsula. The Clan Donald Skye gardens are just magnificent and we have had some lovely walks with fantastic weather. Can't wait to come back! Janice and Ivy Crombie

FROM: Jenny and Mike ClaytonPOSTED ON: 05/03/2011

Hello, we are returning to Skye again for a holiday in June and a friend sent us the link for the Visit Sleat website. It's been really helpful in us planning the next trip, particularly the Perfect Days and suggestions for walks. The photography is superb and so thank you for showing off so well ' your perfect corner of Skye'. Best wishes Jenny and Mike Clayton

FROM: George BensonPOSTED ON: 18/11/2010

We enjoyed another great holiday at the end of August in Sleat, and have just seen your fantastic new website. Its a terrific advert for Sleat, with stunning photographs and packed full of ideas of what to see and do. We are returning in April and again in August, so you must be doing something right! Best wishes George and Debbie Benson

FROM: Elvira McgurkPOSTED ON: 03/11/2010

One of the most beautiful places I've ever been and definitely the most gorgeous part of Skye. I am also thrilled that there is a branch of ragamuffin, my favourite shop - definitely a reason to make the trip across from the mainland. We ate well and slept well and will certainly be back.

FROM: David EdwardsPOSTED ON: 20/10/2010

I love Sleat, and would recommend it to everyone wishing to have a family holiday,I was amazed by the landscape and how you could discover secret coves and clearings untouched by anyone.I was amazed to find an underground passage way that you enter from the shore near a place called Tarskavaig,which went on for miles in all directions.I'll definitely be coming back.

FROM: Heather GlosterPOSTED ON: 09/09/2010

Brilliant website! Had such a lovely time in Sleat visiting Ord beach, Kinloch lodge and Eilean Iarmain this summer with my family.


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